B.A.S.H. Flash Light Mount


Anyone who’s ever had to field dress at night will love this B.A.S.H. Tripod add-on. The flashlight mount has been designed to fit the needs of every hunter fitting nearly all handheld flashlights (see Description for details). Whether you’re studying a map, reading, cooking, or dressing game after dark, the flashlight mount will be that extra hand you need.



  1. Durable plastic clamp
  2. Holds flashlights .75 to 1.5 inches in diameter and up to 2.5 pounds
  3. Attaches to B.A.S.H. optics mount via ¼ X 20” threading
  4. Offers 360 degree rotation, and up to 30 degree tilt along the axis
  5. Great for use both at camp and in the field
  6. Suggested Uses:
    Hands-free lighting
    Field Dressing Game
    Use to and from hunting site
    Campsite cooking light
    Night fishing light
    Night reading light