Stand & Shoot Rest



The B.A.S.H. Stand & Shoot Rest attachment is a valuable addition to your multi-purpose shooting tripod. If you have back problems or simply prefer to make an upright shot, this is the tool for you. Simply attach to the B.A.S.H. tripod hunting stand to ensure a flawless standing shot and improve your accuracy. This attachment can be adjusted telescopically or along the attachment tracks located on the side of your shooting tripod. The Stand & Shoot Rest adjusts to the perfect height, every time. A must have for any B.A.S.H. Tripod owner.

This attachment connects to the optics mount and offers 360 degree rotation and 30 degree tilt. The height is adjustable from 39-60 inches and is anchored by non-slip rubber that provides stability and silence.

The Stand & Shoot Rest is designed to enhance the precision of your shot by stabilizing your rifle at a height that is most comfortable. Designed by hunters for hunters, this accessory provides support, stabilization, and a clean shot.



  1. Fold-down bow holder
  2. Attaches to B.A.S.H. optics mount via ¼ X 20” threading
  3. Offers 360 degree rotation, and up to 30 degree tilt along the axis
  4. Height Adjustable from 39 – 60 inches
  5. Composed of T6 aluminum with a high durometer rubber rest for protection & silence during the hunt